Viper Cannabis Strain Lithgow


Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Pure Sativa

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 13.00/17.00% THC
  • —/—% CBD
  • —/—% CBN


Viper Cannabis Strain Lithgow

Viper Cannabis Strain Lithgow. The Viper marijuana strain is an uplifting Sativa bred by Reeferman Seeds. This weed is known for energetic cerebral high and delicious fruity flavor. Viper marijuana is very fussy when it comes to cultivation, flowering cycle is about 10 weeks. This herb has moderate THC levels and thus can be smoked by various users. Viper marijuana is good for day and evening time medicinal and recreational use.
Type of High
Viper marijuana induces uplifting cerebral euphoria, boosts energy and creativity, increases focus, promotes socialization and giggles, maintains functional high. Relieves stress, alleviates depression, boosts appetite, has mild pain control.
Viper cannabis strain is a cross between Blackseed IBL and Burmese IBL.


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