Sour Kush – Divvy – Pre-Roll Townsville







Sour Kush – Divvy – Pre-Roll Townsville

Sour Kush – Divvy – Pre-Roll Townsville. The Sour Kush, also known as Sour OG Kush, is a hybrid strain of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, with a slight indica dominance. The THC content of Sour Kush is between 20% to 22%. It has a spicy, citrus, almost garlic flavour upfront, finished with a diesel aftertaste. The dense, pine cone-shaped nuggets feature dark green leaves with shades of deep purple, covered generously with cloudy, amber trichomes and strong orange hairs. With this legendary addition, Divvy brings convenience to the strain with its pre-rolls.

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12 x 0.35g