Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Applicator Sydney (1 gram)


Size 1 gram


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Applicator Sydney (1 gram)

Buy Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Applicator Sydney (1 gram) Australia. Rick has since then devoted his life to spreading the message of hemp oil.

Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil is excellent for treatments.

RSO is a high-THC oil that can be used in several different ways and for several different purposes. Thanks to its massive THC content, RSO is typically for those with conditions requiring a high dose of THC and those with a high tolerance to THC.

Although Rick’s work has been a recent public revelation. The technique he uses to make cannabis oil have been well known for quite some time.

Rick has taught people to reduce the plant matter in a solvent solution (e.g. alcohol). Concentrating the cannabinoids to make “Rick Simpson Oil,” commonly referred to as RSO.

RSO delivers concentrated doses of therapeutic cannabis plant compounds, especially THC. Because it is produced with medicinal value in mind, RSO is usually made from heavy indica strains that are known for producing analgesic, anxiolytic, and sedating whole-body effects.

In addition, RSO can both be applied topically and ingested orally. This makes it more versatile than most cannabis products, allowing it to potentially treat more than one symptom or condition.

If you feel that RSO’s therapeutic potential can benefit you, don’t hesitate to try this potent, effective, and versatile cannabis extract.


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