OS.JOINTS (Indica) – Original Stash – Pre-Roll Cranbourne







OS.JOINTS (Indica) – Original Stash – Pre-Roll Cranbourne

OS.JOINTS (Indica) – Original Stash – Pre-Roll Cranbourne. The OS.JOINTS Indica is a 12 pack of indica dominant pre-rolls with a strong THC potential. The pre-rolls were created with a single strain of cannabis and offer busy consumers a convenient way to consume Original Stash on the go. Packaged in a resealable, child-resistant pouch, OS.JOINTS are crafted with the same care and attention as Original Stash dried flower and each pre-roll contains 0.6 g of dried and cured cannabis. Original Stash products are naturally sun grown in hybrid greenhouses, free of chemical pesticides. Competitively priced. Quality weed. Legit price.

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12 x 0.5g


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