Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Sydney


Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Pure Indica

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 17.81/20.81% THC
  • 0.55/0.96% CBD
  • 0.30/0.70% CBN


Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Sydney

Buy Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Sydney. Northern Lights cannabis strain is a world famous, pure Indica from Holland. This kush is a winner of many cannabis awards worldwide. Due to high THC concentration, Northern Lights is extremely potent, she never fails to deliver an overwhelming body buzz. This herb is not recommended for beginners. Her genetics are found in many good hybrids worldwide. Being one of the most potent Indicas, Northern Lights is one of the best natural painkillers known. This weed is good for night time use.
Type of High
Northern Lights marijuana strain induces instant, powerful & long lasting body buzz. Uplifts mood, boosts creativity & giggles. Provides strong pain relief , helps with nausea & insomnia. Relaxes the body, calms the mind, promotes couchlock & sleep.
Aka: Northern Light. Northern Lights cannabis strain is a cross between Afghani and Thai Haze.


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