Lemon Sativa Cannabis Strain Dubbo


Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Pure Sativa

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 20.00/25.00% THC
  • 0.10/0.88% CBD
  • 0.10/0.21% CBN


Lemon Sativa Cannabis Strain Dubbo

Lemon Sativa Cannabis Strain Dubbo. Although the exact genetics of Lemon Sativa cannabis strain are unknown, it is safe to say that this is a happy herb. As the name suggests, this marijuana strain has a strong lemon scent with a grapefruit hint. Lemon Sativa is like a nice cup of coffee in the morning, provides surge of energy without the crash. The weed boasts beautiful dark green buds covered in visible trichomes and dark brown hairs. Lemon Sativa marijuana strain is good for morning and daytime recreational and medical use.
Type of High
Lemon Sativa marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria. Boosts energy, creativity and focus, promotes socialization and giggles, maintains functional high. Relieves stress, alleviates depression, boosts appetite, has mild pain control.
Lineage: unknown.


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