Guava Ghoul – Good Buds – Pre Roll Brisbane







Guava Ghoul – Good Buds – Pre Roll Brisbane

Buy Guava Ghoul – Good Buds – Pre Roll Brisbane. A GOOD BUDS exclusive strain, Guava Ghoul is a chill tropical island monster. This organic Indica was created when rare strains, Zombie Stomp and Snow Monster crept through our Salt Spring Island farm to feast on a Hawaiian, creating a complex, tropical-punch strain. Guava Ghoul basks in warm ocean breezes, giving it a special sticky-greasy quality that’s rich in CBG. With dominant β-Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, and β-Myrcene terpenes, Guava Ghoul tastes of guava, honeydew, Tahiti lime, cinnamon and Candeia wood. GOOD BUDS is a FVOPA-Certified Organic, family-owned and operated LP from Salt Spring Island, BC. We believe in connecting good people with good cannabis, and we accomplish this using only living, organic soils rich in bioavailable microorganisms and nutrients for enhanced flavour, sustainability and quality. All our buds are harvested by hand, and hang dried in small batches using artisanal slow-cure methods. Rolled in unbleached, organic hemp papers.

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