Cat Piss Cannabis Strain AU


Indica / Sativa Ratio

  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid (75% Sativa / 25% Indica)

Average THC / CBD Level

  • 11.75/21.75% THC
  • 0.27/0.70% CBD
  • 0.01/0.22% CBN


Cat Piss Cannabis Strain AU

Buy Cat Piss Cannabis Strain AU. Cat Piss marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a unique name attributed to its unpleasant pungent aroma. This makes the strain unpopular by many users. Those who dared to try Cat Piss marijuana, attest to it being potent and purely cerebral with no couchlock. This weed is not recommended for beginners due to high THC content. Cat Piss cannabis plants take 8-9 weeks to flower indoors. Catpiss marijuana strain is best for morning and daytime use due to stimulative effect.
Type of High
Cat Piss marijuana strain induces powerful cerebral high, characterized by energy boost, increase in creativity and vigor. Uplifts mood, relieves stress, alleviates depression, stimulates appetite. May cause paranoia.
Cat Piss cannabis strain is most likely an original phenotype of Super Silver Haze or a cross between the original and Trainwreck.


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