Alien Cake 3030 – Drift – Pre-Roll Queensland







Alien Cake 3030 – Drift – Pre-Roll Queensland

Alien Cake 3030 – Drift – Pre-Roll Queensland. Drift’s “Alien Cake 3030 Pre-Rolls” is a convenient way to experience the latest cannabis cultivars on the go. Every pack includes 2 x 0.5-gram pre-rolls of Alien Cake 3030 – a sativa hybrid bred from Miracle Alien Cookies. The taste and aroma profile of Alien Cake 3030 contains unique notes of orange cream soda and savoury garlic, followed by a pungent gas finish – from its primary terpenes, trans-caryophyllene, terpinolene and limonene. Every Alien Cake 3030 Pre-Roll contains whole milled flower, and never shake. Expertly rolled for a smooth burning experience each time.

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7 x 0.5g


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